Albertville MN Outlet Update

Feb 4, 2005
Rarely do I post, but I'm bored as hell. Here is what I found. Nothing crazy good, but here it is.

West Regional XXs - 39.99 (practically full size run)
Nordic Pack Air Stabs - 49.99 (" ")
Bacon 360/95 Hybrid - 129.99 size 10.5
A couple woven samples

Absolutely nothing else noteworthy.
Thanks good thing i didn't go up there today.
WANTED: Size 11-13 any condition!PM Me!
[] Red Supreme Blazer
[] Blk/neon Air Total Max Uptempo
[] Nike Foamposite pro Voltage
lol at those xx's, they've been there so long i bet they have like 5 or 6 price stickers on them. might have to finally pick up a pair to support the gophers.

oh my bad lol, i didn't know which ones were the wests. i just assumed that it was the chutney's cuz they've been there since last summer.

you're right, light blue wouldn't be a good look for the gophers.
yea its all good man

but if anyone else heads up that way to the outlet, please take note about what you see up there

i tend to head up there every now and then so i will update it as much as i can (but the outlet is about an hour away)


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