Alex Jones cracks me up.

Joined Jun 1, 2013
I think he makes 20% valid points 80% conspiracy craziness.

A big problem of his is delivery.  When you yell and scream down the people you want to help, they just tune out and the message is lost.
Joined May 17, 2011
This dude Alex, never helps his case when he goes off like a psycho. :smh: Dude relax, you just seem crazy now.
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Joined May 6, 2013
alex jones is the man...entertainment + knowledge = a good time.

cant be a lame duck speaking about the NWO
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Joined Jan 4, 2013
Haven't taken this guy seriously since I hear audio from is his December 31st, 1999 show. :smh:
Cliffs please!!!

I was busy actin a fool on the Vegas strip that night. 17 hr drive home to L.A. the next day, FTW. (For those that don't know, usually a 3.5-4 hr drive.)
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