Alife Clothing?

^no its a clothing store i forgot the name they carry proper clothing and alife and many more brands and alife los angeles opened already
T R A N S F O R M E R S​
I think I know the store you're talking about. Isn't it owned by Proper? I was down in LA, they were COMPLETELY wiped out of my size.
union carries alife. i picked up a cookie monster shirt there before LALIFE openned up
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btw...does anyone know how long Alife LA will be open? i heard its only a pop up store
clocking in at 9 clocking out at 5

try 40 bucks a pop for a tee...and try 135 on a damn plain screen print sweatshirt with the logo size of your hand
clocking in at 9 clocking out at 5
the one in beverly center always has a good selection of alife but it is usually more than 40
there prices are redic :smh:
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