All G1 users report in!! Cupcake is here manual update!!!! (US VERSION)

Joined Feb 3, 2008
OK folks here it is. THE US CUPCAKE MANUAL UPDATE LINK. got this off the Tmo forums, and it is 100% legit and it works, I just updated my phone to cupcake. Nonrooted, non dev US version phone. I am so excited.

For those who need help, to update manually its super easy. You plug your phone into your computer and mount it as a drive. Then you download the link aboveand save it as "UPDATE" on your computer (i save it in the desktop so you can find it easier). Copy the UPDATE file and paste it into your phones SDcard in the main area that shows all of your folders (the root of the SD card). Make sure you disconnect your phone properly from your computer. Then, poweroff your phone. To turn back on, hold the HOME and END keys to power the phone on. When the G1 screen comes on, press ALT+L, then wait for the little trianglewith the ! inside. Then you press ALT+S. Then the phone will begin the update. Sit tight for about 5 mins, and the phone will update and turn itself off and ona few times.

This is the real deal and legit.

-Special thanks to
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