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going to Philly this weekend

stopping at TH brewing in Ardmore on the way...maybe a FTL if I hit a raffle

staying in Fishtown with the agenda of stopping at Monk's Cafe, taking public transit to eastern state penitentary, then hitting up some breweries close to Fishtown

open to food recommendations

not going for shoes but open to recommendations as well...I've been to south street for shoes probably 15 years ago...been to ubiq when they were fairly new, familar w/ Lapstone and Hammer from doing a couple of orders from them

anything noteworthy?

if anyone knows a spot that would have medicine ball trainers 3's and the obsidian Air Max Lights that released early this year (longshot) I may be seeking those out

there's a place in Fishtown called Joseph's Sporting Goods that I went to over 10 years ago that had a lot of decent older stuff (old Air Trainer 3's, Zoom Citizens)...anyone familiar w/ them??
If you’re going to the penitentiary you’ll be near Girard Ave. there’s a small brewery called Crime and Punishment and down the street just west of it is a gem of a mom and pops sneaker shop(youngs) that pretty much supplies north Philly with all of their new balances.

Since you’ll be in fishtown I’d rec Pizzeria Beddia if you want some good pizza. It lived up to the hype IMO
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^thanks for the tips

Crime & Punishment was among the top breweries I wanted to check out but was not close to a lot of other breweries so I was thinking of hitting up Loves, Roy Pitz, Yards, maybe Goose Island Brewhouse since all of those are relatively close to each other

if Fermentery Form will be open Saturday I will make a point to go there but I'm not holding my breath

how is Young's for Nike's?
Joined Feb 7, 2010
I'm actually staying on N Front St just up the street from Girard...w/ the train directly above me :lol:

the host provides ear plugs for guests ?‍♂
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Thoughts on...

Sixers stadium on Penns Landing?
Homeless encampments/ Tent City?
Indoor dining?
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