All Users Read: Reinforcing old rules.

Sep 17, 2001
These specific rules along with other NT Rules of Conduct will be vigorously enforced.

"2. "Free posts", or posting solely for the purpose of boosting your post count is not allowed. Many people judge member's credibility based on post count, so we ask that you obtain your post count legitimately. Furthermore, free posts waste server space and ISP bandwidth unnecessarily. Topics in violation of this rule will be locked or deleted without discussion. Repeated or consistent violation of this rule will result in banishment."

This includes EMOTICON ONLY Posts. These will no longer be tolerated. They will be deleted on sight.

Flagrant Emoticon Only posts, such as the posting of numerous stonefaces etc that slow down the board will be locked and or deleted and the poster may be warned/banned.

"4. "Trolling", or makings posts with the sole intention of creating problems on the board is against NT guidelines."

Trolling will not be permitted.
In layman's terms, "NT is not your Blog". When you post something, please consider whether it has any relevance to other users.

"1. Derogatory comments regarding race, ethnic background, language, gender, sexual preference or religion are strictly prohibited."

Users using the term "no homo" and other offensive derivatives will be warned on sight. If said User is found to again be in violation after having received a warning he or she will be banned.

We should all be secure enough in our sexuality to omit this little phrase from our posts.

Thank you.

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