Allan Caidic Appreciation Post

Nov 27, 2000
Just finished watching his 17 3-Point shots made/79 point performance in todays episode of PBA's Greatest Games. Just wOw! :wow:

I watched the game live 15 years ago so I was looking for myself on TV... :lol:
Too bad the video was blurry.

Anyway, this link is for those who don't know who he is...
We need new Caidics if we want to be Asia's best again. Was not only a shooter, but has a high basketball IQ too. Only two real great shooters in the PI, Allan and Jun Papa.


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Definitely we need another Allan Caidic to be competitive again in the Region.... he was a marked man everytime he played international ball...

Not even Ritualo will come near Caidic's left had in terms of shooting and knowledge of the game...
I used to hate this guy.. everytime the Jarencio led USTe would try to close the gap.. this guy would hit back 2 back 3s..
I used to hate this guy.. everytime the Jarencio led USTe would try to close the gap.. this guy would hit back 2 back 3s..

LOL! :lol:

I loved it when Caidic and Jarencio were playing for Great Taste. Both of em plus Atoy Co were killing the league with 3's... :smokin
i remember that game too..

you shoulda texted me, carlo.. lol.. when are we gonna chill?

and i remember running into caidic once, about 12 years ago, at kamameshi. he seemed so tall.. we're probably the same height now.. just wish i had the same sweet j.

My ex-coach used to be rivals with alan back in our subdivision (somewhere in Cainta). Alan visited once and it was months after the accident where he banged his head on the floor. I think it was one of my friends who yelled " o, diba patay na yan " :smh: :lol: . It was so unecessary but funny at the same time.

Anyhow, the Triggerman's always appreciated. Been a Beermen fan since 5.

I was man enough to go through it...are you?​
*checks in*

well appreciated! he certainly is one of the best clutch shooters i've seen in my life. he was always a marked man in the asean, asian and pba games. i don't think we'll ever see another pure shooter in the PI for a long time.

what team does he coach now?

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^ He does not coach anymore. Currently, he is the team manager of Ginebra.


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got big tummy now too when i saw him last friday afternoon at nike park greenbelt together with alvin P and of course my fav samboy L .
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