AMERICAN PIMP Appreciation: "My Name is Rosebudd spelled wit two Ds for a double dose of dis pimpin"

Joined Mar 8, 2010
"I was pretendin to be a pimp, and I wanted to be a pimp, because everything out of my mouth was pimpin." -- Rosebudd

Way back in '99 these fellas

Of Menace II Society

and now Book of Eli fame...

made a documentary about this pimpin that is straight genius.

Now showing at Mr. O-Negative theeayter:

Seriously. How does barely anyone remember this?
It's like WorldStarHipHop: The Movie.
I put 10 minutes of this documentary up against damn near anything.
Joined Mar 8, 2010
Cuz 9 outta 10 times, if I call a ho and I tell her I'm comin over, I'm fittin to bust that thing out. You know. lmfao
Joined Jan 10, 2005
"Why does a +%* need a pimp? Because if a ***** dont get no instruction,she gon be headed for self destruction know what I'm sayin?"

Kenny Red had quotes for days
Joined Mar 8, 2010
Before there was any pimp anywhere there was Mary Magdalene...she was hoin like a ************, mayne. Jesus knew it.

If there ain't another pimp in the country, there's gonna be some **********in *@#%, @#@-in...
Joined Jun 1, 2008
My son Gorgeous Dre

Movie had me feeling like turning some shorties on to the stroll and hitting the strip.
That #%%% is not to be @!+@%% with though.
Joined Apr 6, 2007
i learned a lot from watching this documentary, on how to be the freshest cat and always keep the baddest most gorgeous women ever making sure your swagger stay on point and have pure confidence. its about being yourself but be cool with it!.

"Squares get played
Playaz play
Pimps get paid"
Joined Oct 27, 2002
My & my mans used to skip school, get high, & watchin this my senior year in high school...

I STILL say "same ole soup reheated" when somebody asks me wassup...
Joined May 26, 2006
Why does she need a pimp? *forgot dudes name* "She could do this on her own but she aint gone know the ins and the outs and the ins and the outs and the outs and the ins of the game. You know what I'm sayin?"
Joined Sep 1, 2009
welcome to 10 years ago square.

i saw this the day it premeired.
changed my life and i NEVER looked back.
i dont even know why you posted this on here.
like 9 people will really absorb the knowledge from this docu.

like my man suga free told me...

I said "*%%%$ when you do that?" she said "I think when-"
I said "You thought?" she said "Yeah"
I said "*%%%$ well just don't think then"
Joined Apr 7, 2008
I representin the pimpin all over the nation know what im sayin'..cause i dun did it from the state capitol to the nations the pineapple to the big apple know what i sayin'!?

that boy Kenny Red

Rosebudd was the man tho
Joined Jan 9, 2007
Great documentary. Must see for any 18+ male to understand how the game really operates and how grimey these broads can be. Plus it was funny as hell.

Rosebudd, Don Juan, and Fillmore Slim were handling their business. All the other dudes were losers with enough mouthpiece to get a skanky trailer trash broad on their payroll. I remember Gorgeous Dre looking like a straight herb trying to knock some mediocre chick, and then he ended up getting locked up at the end.
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