And why is it that USA doesnt rock Kardinal Official???


Sep 27, 2005
i mean son been doning his thing for forever...

I JUST heard 6 in the morning like 2 weeks ago thinking the @#%$ was gonna be a huge hit when the Vid comes...and to my surprise, the Vids been out since LAST YEAR!!!

am i the only one feeling dude?
I used to follow him when i had "MUCH MUSIC" Tv, but they went off the air in USA a long time ago... :smh:

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i like cardinal a lot, but he never really got a stateside push except for a small one for the firestarter album. With the exception of the one songs hes got out now getting minimal burn, we simply never know when hes got new material

its bad out here though NY radio plays literally a handful of songs
The Dream- Shawty is a 10
Kanye- stronger
kanye-money right
kanye- good life
cassidy- two step
plies- shawty
Man i rocked with dude in '01 when he dropped the Firestarter album. After that i couldn't even tell you about a single he dropped after that....But now that he's with Akon i'm guessing we are about to hear alot from dude.
These young cats think i fell out the loop
Cause the last time they seen me hoppin' out the coupe
I hopped out in a suit.
Kardinal killed the diddy bop remix (red cafe ft, fabolous, coco channel, and kardinal)
Born alone, die alone, no crew to keep my crown or throne
I'm deep by sound alone, caved inside in a thousand miles from home
Because he hasn't had a hit?
and/or anything that's considered an 'underground' or street classic joint

on a related note,
he's rumored to be on a remix of Foxy Brown's "Come Fly With Me" :pimp:
Ra rose, in the dawning, thoughts of the light...
Kardinal is THAT dude :pimp:
"I like this wolf shirt because wolves and shirts are shapes"
I copped Firestarter in 01. Ol' Time Killin' is my @#%$

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It's Kardinal Offishall
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ano, sumimasen. anata wa totemo kirei desu ne.​
^aka celebrity face bad boy inna di place!

Nothing from Kardi's really impressed me latley, most recent @#%$ was that freestyle he did over commons 'the corner' and his album was hot but since then I haven't heard anything hot.

He needs to bring it like he did on the grindin remix or something. I know a lot of US cats who listen to him I dunno why he never got major exposure though.

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My roommate from toronto, said he gets mad love up there.
From what he says hes been on Konvict for awhile now like WAY before Cafe.

But i havent been able to come across music from him since his first album. he was mos def nice. Wasnt he on one of the BET awards ciphers?? I smoke too much...if i remember correctly he went off.
Kardinal is dooope! I thought his Firestarter album was nice, and it was my weekly music rotation....until my car got broken into and they stole all my cds.....dammit!

He has one of the best deliveries. He needs that statewide push to be really be effective and appreciated. Some big production wouldn't hurt either
i dig kardinal and the song he did
with glenn lewis is my joint!(back for more)
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I messes with Kardi hard (yes hetero). Dude is in my top 5 off flow and voice alone. If you've heard the new joint with Busta, Akon, and Shabba you've gotta be dissapointed that Kardi wasn't on that cause he would have CRUSHED that beat. If Akon wants to push dude stateside he needs to do more guest appearances on tracks.
"My mindsssss tellingggg me noooooo!! But my bodyyy!! My bodyyy!! Telling me yeuuhhhssssssss!!!"
i don't even know. kardinal is hot. "hussilin" is a hot song. I thought akon signed him, so he should get some u.s. limelight
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I bought Firestarter when it came out but I didn't even check out Fire and Glory. I almost never hear singles but I happened to listen to a couple off of Fire and Glory and I thought he was changing up his sound too much. I did almost pick it up at my local A&B Sound when it was $7.99 but I passed and now it's like $20, so unless I find a download I won't be listening to it.

There's at least 5 Canadian rappers off the top of my head that I'll be looking out for before Kardi's next album. Also in Vancouver at least Kardi is not big anymore, well not like in early 2000 with him and the Baby Blue Soundcrew
Don't sleep on Choclair. Him and Kardinal had me jammin' back in like '99.
We livin' this cuz it's deep in our bones...​
Kardinal is dope, although he doesn't really seem to be as big as he once was up here. He signed with Akon/Konvict in '06, his album "Not 4 Sale" is supposed to be dropping before the end of the year. First single off of it is "Graveyard Shift" featuring Akon, which was also featured on his last mixtape "Do The Right Thing" done by Clinton Sparks. Anyways, for his fans south of the border looking for his newer stuff, search for his last two mixtapes -- Canadian Coke by DJ Whoo Kid and Do The Right Things by Clinton Sparks. I know he had them available for d/l on his MySpace when they first released, but I'm not sure if he still has them up.
Kardinal!!!!! T Dot O......Homie is straight beasty....Started effin wit dude(pause) back in like 2001 wen he was on Much Music n Rap City......

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