another LeBron trick shot

Joined Feb 22, 2007
I doubt they're trying to trick us or anything, I don't know about you but I'm not trying to watch a 30 minute video
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Originally Posted by Lizaker4Lizife

his comments were hilarious "wind chill about minus"
was he throwing up the "B" at the end there?

better watch out for Paul Pierce next time they play the Celtics...
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not very impressive
ive honestly made that shot like 5 times. ive had like 10000 misses though, but its not worthy of being put on cnn
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Did we really need a separate thread for this?

There are TWO seasons cavs thread + one more Cavs thread by outtacontrol....
Joined Jun 16, 2005
I'm not a Cavs fan.. I'm a casual LeBron fan... but the salt in here is strong.

and I like the Ray and KG and was cheering for the Celtics...but DAMN lol
Joined Nov 28, 2004
im sure half the NBA can make that shot. ESPN would make a highlight every time LeBron %$#!! if they could
Joined Jul 29, 2001
That's not a trick shot. Every player in the NBA can do that. I can do that shot if I'm in a gym that can allow me to do it. I don't understand thebig deal about this type of stuff, especially considering how NBA players practice this garbage.
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