Another Mixtape You NEED In Your ipod (Vol. NaS' Greatest Hits)

Jun 1, 2008

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Zone out to this joint every now and again...

I'm more of the type to @#@! with a Greatest Hits mixtape or blend tape when it comes to older rappers that have been on the scene for a while... This much like the Jadakiss Greatest Hits joints just give you the opurtunity to recognize the genuis of some of our fav MCs and the long road they traveled in the industry...

Only problems I had was the "If I Ruled The World" blend... & the fact that it wasn't 60 tracks like the Jada joint... Other than that its a GREAT listen, any hip hop head will appreciate this joint...

The cover is dope how they made his face out of the final verse from "If I Ruled The World"... JUST peeped that as I was typin this...

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That is an ill %*@ cover, I never took the time to actually read his face just zoned to the tape myself.
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