Another NJ Sneaker Store Opening: Addicted Sole

Feb 27, 2006
Addicted Sole is a new sneaker and lifestyle store located in the West End of Long Branch. The store carries a wide variety of shoes,ranging from Jordan to a few SBs. The store is a very relaxed environment and the owner is willing to talk to anyone who walks in. I think the pictures speak for the store of what they carry.

This shop is a very cool store with a wide selection of sneakers and tees, with more on the way. The owner also has a small selection of Dunnys and collectable snekers (the vinyls that everyone was looking for last year). So please check him out and buy some items from the store.

Here's the info:

Addicted Sole
78 Brighton Avenue (right down the street from Rare Breed).
West End/Long Branch NJ, 07740
Phone: 732-870-1140
Fax: 732-870-1142
Hours: 10-10

Also, if you were wondering, yes those are what you are seeing in the case in one of the pictures. Sadly they're not for sale. Here's a pic:

Please note: I'm not the owner. If you have any questions, you can ask me and I'll answer them the best I can.
Nice store....but still long ways from Teaneck
Breakin' Necks In the 'Neck​
I seen the store when i went to rare breed on fathers day. I thought you was this old store in west end called steve's 16, just revamped. Ya'll are close to rare breed though? Are ya'll in competition with each other? Do ya'll sell a 13 in sneakers?
Like I stated before, I posted this here as a favor for the owner. I'm just friends with him. Yes, their at the other end of Brighton Avenue, 78 where as RB is 57. I don't think that they're in comp with each other, from what the owner tells me, he gets shoes from them, so it seems that it's cool. As for the size question, you're gonna have to get in touch with the owner to answer for that. is your best bet. Sorry about that.
dood tell him to get a rogue status account
my child i watched you grow up to be famous and now i smile like a proud dad watching his only son that made it
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