Another SUPER TYPHOON hitting the Metropolis


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Feb 3, 2002

I love stormy weather but I hate this one for two reasons:

1. KK opens tomorrow
2. Come Friday, when the eye of the storm is nearest Metro Manila, I'll be attending a wedding at PF.

The gigantic billboard of MP by the Guadalupe bridge was already taken down earlier. I wonder what will Le Pavillion do to its new TENT after the old one was shredded to pieces when typhoon MILENYO hit last September.

Be safe everyone.

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as of now, it looks like no typhoon is coming,and i can't believe it either when my classmate told me that there will be no class tom. because of the said typhoon..
god bless everyone..
Damn! This would ruin the long weekend.... :smh:
This destroys my production schedule and makes the deadline shorter. shiyiiit............

Sana sa next week sa deadline na lang dumating!!!!


Hope there'll be no nationwide power outage again.

Be safe guys.

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i heard on the radio around 6pm that it missed us in the metro and is now flying to china.
haha... a extra one day of rest... nakapasyal p sa malls... it didn't even rain.
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lol... they cancelled the ASEAN summit supposedly because of typhoon .. Eh, i'm looking out my window and the sun's out.
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