another teen disney product vol. BEAST mode activated (PICS)

Joined Dec 8, 2003
whoever peeped desperate housewives tonight ( NO AYO) there was a new character introduced as Eva Longoria's new niece.
according to imdb she's been in a bunch of disney trash and she's legal. born in 88[Kanye]how old is that? old enough.[/Kanye]

these pics might be outdated and not do justice but she looked like a dime on the show tonight.
Joined Dec 29, 2007
I'm going to need to see how she looked on Desperate Housewives because like you said, these pics don't do her justice.
Joined Dec 8, 2003
damn iono what to say about the pics. they're straight off of imdb. and yeah according to imdb she's been on that show.

Joined Feb 22, 2007
Maiara Walsh. Half White and Brazilian.Yep she's nice. She not quite there yet for a universal beast but give her like a yr or two and let's see herbody develop. She still looks hella young but thats better so that when's she's in her 30s she'll still look awesome while Megan Fox is probablygoing to look worn out.

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