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lol. im more disappointed in the choice of tattoo artist.

if youre gonna get someone on your arm...

why not pay extra and know for sure its gonna closely resemble them.
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If you're gonna go off and do some dumb $$#% like tat a rapper on your arm, at least get the $$#% done by a good artist.
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Originally Posted by UPPTEMPO8387

That's a mean Katt Williams tat
Why tattoo jawnyquest on her arm?
why it look like the left side of his face have a stroke. joint is leaning.

She should have got "Born to Lose" in bubble letters tatted on her.

Over or under 20% chance she ever gets married or locked down?

Edit: I'm over here crying looking at that tat and the replies
. How bad are your friends to let you do this? What mental space is a person in to do this. This is worst then Kneesh wanting the MJ tat.
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