Answer X sizing question

Mar 11, 2007
I was thinking of buying a pair of ANS X online... question to the owners, how do they fit in terms of snug and toe jamming? I wear 10's in most Jordans, 9.5 in ZK1's... how does the fit compare to ANS1's, cuz size 10 was way too huge for me. replies are much appreciated !
It depends, obviously, on a lot of things, but I would say you should be okay in a 9.5. I think the AKZ1 fit like the Iverson line, which for me has always been true to size with a good allowance of wide feet. I wear a 12 in all Iverson gear and it has always fit the same, so if you've ever had a pair of Questions or Answers that fit you well, chances are that same size will fit you with the X.
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