Any Arizona Wildcats/Tucson residents in here?

Jul 22, 2003
I'm a high school senior, and I have been blessed with a considerable scholarship from the U of A. I was wondering if someone could describe Tucson, the school, and the life in UArizona. I am seriously considering attending so any information about the location would help out a lot.

Thanks in advance.
I might be in the 12th grade, but I'm still a fresh man.
I'm a freshman. It all depends on your background. I'm from LA, so Tucson seemed boring at first, but now it is fine. The U of A is such a big school, that you will no doubt find something to get involved in. I don't know if you have any specifc questions buy my sn is in my sig.
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im from dallas and im a junior attending the u of A...small town but you will get use to it
I'm a senior from the Bay Area. Tucson just went over a million people for the metro area, so its not that small, but small compared Dallas, SF, or LA. The weather is great, it'll be over 80 today. The campus is beautiful and like was said above me, when there are 30,000 plus students there will always be stuff to do. If you have more specific questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
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