Any "Asia/Philippine" exclusive kicks?

Jun 2, 2002
My girlfriend's in the Phils right now, and I was wondering if there's any "asia" or "philippine" exclusive kicks that are easily accessible around Manila (like at a Niketown/store). I'm mostly into dunks, AM90's, blazers, but any shoes that can be had there, which aren't common here in Canada/North America.

I asked one of my friends who went there this summer, and he was like "Oooh, you gotta ask your girl to get you some kicks at Greenhills." :lol:

Salamat. :smile:
I'm a size 10. My girl's there or one more week, and she might be out in the province till she has to leave, so that'll leave her 1-2 days in Manila. Hopefully your shop opens before then?

Let me know if you got anything that quite possibly might not be seen in Canada/North America. She already got me a pair of Mychal Thompson AF1s (none my size around here). :smile:
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