Any body from vegas??

Jan 4, 2007
Heading out there next week, spots to hit up for food(buffet ot no buffet), shoes, clothes?? Casionos are a given but any other things like shows or stuff like that? Any help works thanks.
For shoes and clothes check out Niketown and Laced.
Blue Man Group is a good show.
And I know Bellagio and Rio have good buffets.
right on ill check that out hows the weather right now im assuming it aint that hot
its aite.. im from da east and 50s and 40s you can stil wear short sleeves and been here for about a month now
do u guys happen to know when they will open undefeated and where its located at
i doubt it will be by nest tuesday tho cuz that when ima be there thanks for the responses
I heard that the older casinos give gamblers "the best" winning percentages...

I'll be out there next week as well. Probably just chill, maybe catch a show and watch the games to see LT rush for a buck fifty
You know I don't give a.......​
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