Any Footlocker/Action/Champs employees in South Florida?

Joined Jul 19, 2004
I think there's a 50% off employee sale and i was hoping some one could hook me up.
Team Florida
The Real Drrty Drrty
Reppin Miami-305!!​
Joined Nov 22, 2006
i had a feeling this thread was gunna ask for the hook up....i had no money for half off day :smh:
.....but now its friends and family 30% but u dont get the stuff u want like retros, forces, etc.
Joined Sep 16, 2003
^ Dude we saw it the first time..
Team Florida
The Real Drrty Drrty
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Joined Jul 19, 2007
Im gonna keep promoting it... So if you dont like that.... Sorry....

Persistance is no different in any form...
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