Any Georgia State students here?


Jul 11, 2004
I might be going to GSU this fall and it seems like a decent school for business. Thats not what Im worried about. Im worried about the fact that there is no campus and I was wondering what people do on the weekends for fun. I thought there was someone who attended the school on here. If anyone knows anything about how they like it or dislike it post it up.
^where u from? U will be in the heart of downtown atlanta so u have nothin to worry about as far as somethin goin on... u will probably get tired b/c there is so much goin on...

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yeah you got too much to do rather than too little...where you from?

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i go there.
who cares?
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I'm there. Weekends are up to you. What do you like to do?

No, there's no true campus, so you may not meet as many people here as you may elsewhere. But, with the number of colleges in Atlanta, you'll meet plenty of people to chill with if you're outgoing and don't chill indoors all day. I probably know just as many people from GT, the AUC, Emory, Kennesaw, etc. as I do from GSU.

...and the Business school is on point. My program is #2 in the nation.
Grad School Student, Sports Management.

Love it. And I have an excuse to go to Walters damn near every day.

GSU got more girls than I thought, too...
Joe, how you liking that program? I've given some thought into jumping into that after I get my BBA.
DLo did you ever live in those dorms? I wanted to live in them atleast freshman year but didint want to pay 475 for the confirmation if I wasnt sure if I was going or not.
Yeah, I stayed in the Village my freshman year. It's good for meeting people (I met one of my current roommates there), but I was done with it after a year. And supposedly the crime in there (not just in the area) has gotten pretty bad. One of my roommates from freshman year got mugged in the parking lot, got messed up real bad.
I go to GSU, my first semester and really don't know much people so it would be great to meet cats with the same interest.

I don't even know where all the parties be at or anyting.
parties are everywhere man... just look on the ground at some flyers

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Damn I didint expect this to be back up here. Update for anyone Im at UGA because of the actual campus and big time football team. GSU is a good school though.
Only GSU gets the top story on under the headline "Robbers target GSU students"...


Yo, Memp...I was at GT last night to smoke some stuff with my boys. I think there's a couple shoeheads wandering around...
Iswear the NTers @ GSU coming out...I've seen send helps, retro III's, De la Highs, and others.
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In '04 I had like a 1190 SAT and 3.6 GPA, and GA State was only place I know I could go to for free. I didn't apply to a lot of places. But I KNOW you can get much lower stats and get accepted, the standard is not that high.
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