Any good shoe + shopping spots in or around Newark?

Sep 13, 2001
Hello all:

I'm a Toronto NTer & on Monday I'll be driving my father in law to a job interview in Newark NJ. Any decent malls or shoe spots/Nike Outlets you local folk can help me out with? I'd also be looking to stock up on some Under Armour gear as well.

Also looking to score some baby clothes for the little man so if you can guide me that way as well.

Any help, tips, addresses would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance
Nov 13, 2006
In newark, your just gonna head up to the broad st/market street section.  Bunch of shops along the strip'(s), just give a look around.  As far as under armour their should be a modells around there so that should help you out.  I don't know how it is in the T dot O dot but watch out for the scammers and whatnot.  They will harass you to death for every under the sun (change, do you want some weed, fake rolex's, ect).  As far as a nike outlet the closest is gonna be by the newark airport at the jersey gardens mall.  Hope that helps you out.
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