Any good sneaker spots in Huntington Beach?

Feb 24, 2002
I'm visiting SoCal for the first time next week (for business, not for pleasure though). Anyway, I was wondering if there's any good sneaker spots in Huntington Beach, particular within walking distance from the Huntington Beach Hotel.

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make sure you have a rental car and go up to LA too...I'm not sure if you're down with it, but Little Saigon is up the street: Good food and coffee shops. Tons of Marshalls, Ross, etc. around there. Don't forget Blends off the 405 in the Lab.
the closet and HSS hit up that whole street, lots of stuff..

You mean Center Avenue or Main Street?

make sure you have a rental car and go up to LA too

Unfortunately I won't have a rental car, so I won't be able to make it up to L.A. Kind of sucks being so close to the city but not having the chance to actually visit.

Is Blends in L.A. or H.B.?
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Pacific Coast Highway between Main st. and 1st st. Blends is in L.A. and Costa Mesa also hit up downtown long beach (about 20 mins. away) proper, seams, east 4th, &black market
Looks like I'm going to have the most free time on Sunday afternoon next weekend. Anyone know how late these places are open on Sunday?
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I'm starting to think I might rent a car. Seeing that I'll be right on the Pacific Coast Highway, and I'm an avid enthusiast driver, a rental car (say a Mini or Miata) might be a good idea!
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shops on main street usually have sidewalk sales on weekends...i've gotten some good steals on Vans Syndicates and vault (mr cartoon authentics, prima plaid sk8's) there...30 bucks each.
there's a new shop called a state of mind on beach blvd, but it's in a not very attractive strip mall on the east near garfield ave.
If you are renting a car ,being a car freak, go to Cars and Coffee in Irvine around 7:00 A.M. on Saturday if possible. It's a free car show with tons of exotics and other kinds of cars.
Address is:
7905 Gateway
Irvine, CA
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