Haven't heard anything about them. I would hope they'd bring out the actual "Gloves" and not the "Son Of Glove" which is a takedown with cheaper materials and no zoom air.
Nike recently released a similar shoe, the Zoom Flight Club, so I doubt they'd waste their time with a take-down that didn't sell all that well tobegin with.

Kinda difficult to hear something about a shoe that wasn't planned to be retro'd in the first place.
there were rumors back when payton was on the heat but then it all just died out...

o well
I wouldn't expect anything until HOF induction rumors start circulating ...

then ... and only then ... maybe ... has a DS black/white pair for $160. seen em online like two weeks ago. i remember when i had the white/black/lime green joints. they def weretough
No talk of it yet, as far as I know, but we havne't seen much of summer/fall 2010 yet so I wouldn't be surprised.
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