Any local heads excited about recent releases in the US?


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Feb 3, 2002
It's 90's all over again and I'm loving it!

Air Force Max

Air Uptempo 2

Air Penny 1

Air Zoom Turf :wow:

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All of those are classics man!

I'm a Barkley fan so I definitely need a pair or 2 of those Air Force Max's... :smokin
i still remember those barkleys white/black colourway 2 years ago on sale 2,999 at my shoe rack sm edsa...regret not getting it...
^ wow , nice updates pareng jojo

kelan ba release nyan dito sa tingin mo ? how much kaya dito sa atin nyang AFMax ?
what colorways ? sa nike park ba yan or nike stadium/athlete's foot/planet sports ?

thanks again pareng jojo sa updates
No love for the Air Bakin? It was one of my faves! :D

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Hope they make the quality better this time as my white/black Air Max Force gave up on me only after 1 year and 4 months of playing ball every sunday....

I used it alternately with my AJXX pa.... naghiwalay ang air sole at midsole...

I really love the Black colorway.... I hope they release the second Air Max Force with the Phoenix colors... :D
yes i'm talking about the less popular colorway...used frequently by nic belasco during his san miguel playing days...sorry no pics...
damn i remember getting one of those zoom turf's as kid hehe..

the air force max's look wonderful (anyone remember the fab5? :wink:
).. but i've been waiting on the penny 1's too long to pass on hehehe
i've been iffy on ordering or not, pero if we can get a few people to order, why not? i have friends in america that can help.
kicks drop inevitably like bird shh
you herbs get stuck repeatedly
for campouts and hype money
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