any more colors for the jordan 2k9?

Apr 20, 2008
i just bought the last color the black/white playoff 2k9 and i say they are a very light weight shoe and they fit great and look great with jeans. I wanna knowwhat's the next color? because no one has posted the calender picture for them. by the way i got my size 7 in a 50% in footlocker $55.99 nice!!
Just the Hall of fame and whateva comes out in Xmas season. No one cares for these too much. Overpriced, under marketed and not as stylish as alot of otherjays
$56 isn't a bad price. The only ones I've heard that are coming out are the ones in the HOF pack. JB will more than likely drop one more aroundChristmas (wouldn't be surprised to see another FC exclusive) and that will be it. Thank God.
I haven't really heard anything either. I don't care too much for these myself, but i'm sure they come up with something within the next few monthsor by the end of the year like stated above.
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the sneakers aren't that that terrible and would like nice in some other colors too bad they only made 3 simple CW's
I'm kind of glad those samples haven't (and probably will never be) released. I agree with you guys, they are nice (the best colorway to date), butdon't y'all think it's time they stopped riding the coat tail of the Air Jordan XI (And Tinkers work in general)? Maybe I'm alone on this, butit's pretty clear what shoe they had in mind then they came up with the color placement on these.
2009 have done to well! I think the only way people will buy these is if JB releases some PE 2k9's!
doesnt matter to me either way, im tryin to get one of rays colorways but other than that im not into the 09
I might just have to wait for the 25th anniversary J's to come out. I hope those will be good enough to buy. These just don't do it for me.
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