any new heat at Kissimmee Nike Clearance Outlets ?!?!?

Apr 24, 2005
i havent been to the outlets in a while. i just wanted to know if theres been anything new out there thats worth talking about. i know a while ago the DMP VIs were there as well as the Clots and Stashes (never hit floor, employees bought em out first)...please fill me in !!!
      live by the jumpman, die by the jumpman... ya digg?!
good luck mayne. the outlet situation got tainted a while ago with the influx of sheep they decided to hire, as well as the managers/leads. definately not like it used to be, and that goes for all teh outlets in lando. :x
when they do get something and u ask them if they got shoes in the back or whatever they be acting like u asking them for blood and @#%$ :rofl:
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