Any NJ Rutgers students??

Jun 8, 2006
Ill be attending the Camdem campus in september

Does anyone go there ?

How is it?

Ill be going there for one semester and then ill transfer to New Brunswick hopefully

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I go to Rutgers -New Brunswick, it's a good school, lots of females, lots of evening activities, etc. Cats aren't super heavy into the shoe game (I had a girl, break her neck looking at my Fire Red III's) All in all though good times.
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well it ain't ghetto like camden.. i live in piscataway, which is right next to NB, great bars on easton & st. georges. grease trucks, ftw [ haven't been there in madd long ].. and on easton there's 2 sneaker spots.. NJSS2 and Straight Laced.
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