Any NTers work for business consulting firms? vol Deloitte.

Joined Dec 29, 2006
I'm talking about companies along the lines of

Mercer LLC
McKinsey and Company


School me on Business Strategy/Management Consulting.

I know these firms provide a wide range of services from business strategies to auditing. I was curious to know if you guys enjoyed your work there? I'mcurrently pursuing an engineering degree, but I'm thinking about switching into the consulting industry possibly pre or post MBA. Engineering might paymore right out of college, but I just like the idea of meeting with clients, wearing suits to work, flying across the country, etc. Plus there seems to be moreof an upside in salary later down the road, especially if you reach the "Partner" level at some of the private firms.

Engineering is not as glamorous unless I'm working at the corporate level/upper management level.

Also I know a lot of these companies produce CEOs and other C level executives in various sectors throughout corporate America.

Thanks in advance.
Joined Dec 29, 2006
Damn I posted this junk like 2 weeks ago, anyways bump.
I guess its safe to assume the NTers who work at these kind of jobs are:

1. At work.
2. In a hotel
3. On a plane.

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