Any of u guy sell ur kicks on craigslist??

Jan 29, 2007
I was just wondering if any of u guys use craigslist to sell some kicks. Ive been tring to sell my ds pee-wees but I feel like everybody just wastes my time. I put some kicks up and got mad responses but everybody flaked in the end. Any of u guys expierence this??
I put shoes on Craigslist every now and then. No matter what venue you use to sell your shoes, you're always going to get flakes, and that's even after you state 'serious' buyers only. Don't let it discourage you from posting future listings.
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Sold my Olympics 7's on there. Met him up, gave me cash done deal. But yea, flakers are on ebay, craigslist, niketalk..anywhere.
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I remember buying tons kicks back on craigslist for mad cheap like 3 years ago.

I even picked up a couple pairs of OG jordan 1s for 30 bucks a pop.

now its flooded with fakes and bapes.
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yea no lie i have been on both ends. i have sold to people and i have bought. i hate the fact that there are so many flakers (buying and selling) what i usually do is this. i meet at a bart station ( i dont exit i meet them at the exit) if their 20 mins late i go home. i spent 4.65 for the free ride back. also i hate the fakes on ebay. some mofos want to jack you giving you fakes or they are fake and just trying to jack you. watch out never go to a spot you dont know. i always pick part stations or places i know.
CL is cool. i mainly use it to sell car parts, but i sold some shoes on there before. i found some good deals on CL for various items too

i only take payments in $20 bills..i live close to a mall, so my meetups are always out there. its safe and its only 5 minutes away, so if they end up flaking its not too much of a big deal. but yeah craigslist has alot of flakers, lowballers, and ppl trying to trade fake stuff
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for some reason i sell more on NT than CL,but i find better deals on CL sometimes.
I've sold a few pairs on craigslist. The flake rate is the same as on NT. You don't have to pay for shipping which is cool, and when the XIVs came out and NTers wouldn't pay more than $100, I milked $140 each when I sold a couple pairs. Also, with the risk of getting jumped, I usually bring somebody with me or meet up at the mall.
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It's kinda hard to sell your shoes on CL because of everybody abusing the title. Most of the threads I see contain "jordan i ii iii iv v vi vi viii ix x xi xii xiii xviii bape nike" and I wonder how the hell you know what shoe it is without clicking the link.
yeah, CL is pretty cool. Craigslist ain't too shabby either. <womp womp womp> lol

really, i'm probably one of the first dudes to use CL to slang kicks on the regular.....haven't in a long minute tho. never really had a prob w/flakes, but there's too many knuckleheads selling fakes on there now.

get ready for some more "NO FAKES" listings coming soon. :wink:
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CL is also the first place where resellers post

i remember on DMP release date, i saw all sorts of price from $500 to $2000 lol
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
Yeah, I stopped using Craigslist. And speaking of Frosted asss Flakes.

I remember one time I met up with some dude in Fremont for some kicks I put on Craigslist. I drove all the way there from Gilroy and he ended up not buying 'em.

Don't use Craigslist unless you make it clear that you only ship.

Cuz we all know meet ups are a no-no.

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