any one try that camel SNUS yet?

Feb 9, 2007
i got some of it the other day and its some alright stuff it has nicotine in it so you can replace smoking with it and it has a lot less health risks thansmoking.

it comes in a pouch that you just put under your lip then it tingles and it tastes alright

this is what it looks like
i love this stuff, its weak as hell so u need too pop in 2 and u dont gotta spit, you cant chew or smoke at the casino, so i pop a few in and play cards allnight
I did a LOT of research on this before using it, and it helped me quit smoking last year (I've since gotten back into smoking, but that's my ownfault). Snus is way more enjoyable for me than dipping and it seems like it's a safer alternative to smoking than dip. Better flavor IMO and I barely hadto spit at all.
Originally Posted by omgitswes

if you dont have to spit what do you do then, swallow it?
You just let it chill. You put it under your top lip and not your bottom, so it creates way less spit. And it's okay to swallow (pause) fromwhat I've read/ experienced.

Originally Posted by Joseph Camel Jr

I tried it, didn't even give me a buzz.

That's true though. It was just a way for me to satisfy nicotine cravings. I kind of missed the buzz that dip gave me, but dipping is gross as +!*! . I didthat *!$* on the low.
^ it will help you im doing the same thing i use them at work and when im at my aunts house because she dont like me smoking
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