Any place in the GTA that has these?

Sep 2, 2006
sorry if this is the wrong area to post in...wasn't sure where else it belonged


just wondering if there were any places in the GTA that sells the Air More Tempos (preferably in the black/white colourway). I bought these when they first came out in '97..I think. Been looking for the retros for a while now.

Any help is appreciated.
They retroed them a while back, think it was either last year or 2 yrs ago, they had em at footlocker and champs, not really helpful but just lettin u know
For Sale/Trade:
Jordan X Steel DS Sz 11
Gdft Black White Fitted
Did you try Eastbay online? Only other place that would import these (maybe) would have been XTC but a shoe that cost $209.99 CDN back in the day... SMH to think local retailers would bite again when it is a Pippen retro

Oh yeah & watch out for fakes - you can tell by the crap leather
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