Any recommendations for my trip to New Orleans?

Feb 23, 2001
My wife and I will be heading to NO for a business trip on May 20 and will be spending a week in the French Quarter. Neither of us have ever been, so can anyone give me some decent suggestions of things to do, places to see, eat, etc.? How are things in that area now? Any advice is appreciated!
dont go to the magnolia, its going to be hard for you to breathe, HA!
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aint that just a funnel cake u can get @ the fair
Disclaimer: The views expressed by MEMPHISBOI55 are those of his own and not necessarily the shared views of any other person, party, or affiliates.
YO! Naw, them joints is made more fluffy. You seen me son? (nh) Trust, I know my pastries. DF!!!
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Yo Ant, its a local thing so I am assuming they won't be too hard to find, right? I will check one out (even tho I am diabetic :frown:
). It sucks that both football and basketball season is over in NO, otherwise Id go check out a game. Anything I should see while Im there? Any sneaker spots worth checking out?
Go See Soulja Slim Momma Crib....Naw...But @#%$ I Dont Know If This Still Goes On But When I Went....I Went To The Stadium And They Have A Indoor Flea Market In There And Stuff....Selling Just About Anything....Shoes, Clothes, Computers, Video Games.....They Have Some Real Stuff There Too....Not Like Fake @#%$ Jays And Ones....They Have some Real Deal In There....Got Old Video Games And New Like Regular Nintendo's And Playstations....But This Was About 7 years Ago When I Was Younger....Dunno If This Still Goes On...I Got Holla At My Boy From Tha 17 and get back atcha..
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1) Best Restaurant in New Orleans
D*ck and Jenny's (across from Save-A-Center on Tchopitoulas) (D*ck = nickname for Richard; NT is ridiculous)
This is a Cajun / Southern Restaurant w/ a fun atmosphere. Be prepared to wait on the indoor porch (waitresses serve appetizers and drinks out there). Attire is dressy casual
*Breakfast / Lunch (french quarter): Mothers, Court of 2 Sisters
*Dinner: Restaurant August (John Besh is the Chef), Emerils, NOLA and Delmonico (Emeril Lagasse's restaurants are pretty decent but don't have New Orleans charm imo)

2) Best PoBoy in New Orleans
Domelise's (hands down, no questions asked)
It is tough to find but is well worth the effort. It is unreal (go fried oyster and shrimp)

3) Cafe DuMonde for Begnets and Cafe Leche

4) Best Italian Restaurant
Irene's (fun atmosphere w/ a piano man who takes requests at the bar)

5) Best Burger
Port of Call (in the Marigny - the end of Bourbon St)
Great bar during the day and happy hour

6) Snowballs (a new orleans specialty)
get the blackberry cream w/ condensed milk @ plum street snowballs on plum street near tulane. It is unreal.

7) Harrah's Casino is downtown (if you gamble you will be here; it's one of my favorites)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Wow, now thats the type of info I was looking for!! Thank you sir :D
, I will most certainly be checking out a few of your suggestions.
Trust me my friend. These are all the best places (off the beaten path) and they are not touristy at all. Also, be sure to try Abita which is the local beer (Abita Amber is my favorite and Purple Haze has a hint of rasberry which is good for 1 or 2 but it gets to be to much rasberry after a couple).
Also, be sure to try Abita which is the local beer

Are there any local shops I might want to visit? Last year wife and I went to Cali so I got to go see some of the more prominent spots like Undefeated, Proper, etc. I really enjoy seeing how other people have thier shops set up, anything worth checking out?
Ok, flying out Sunday morning, hoping to have a good time. Thanks for the info and I will check back here while I am in town to see if there are any other suggestions.
So I wasn't able to get to **** and Jennys on Sat, since we got in late around 10...and Sunday and Monday they were closed. They open around 5PM so TuesdayI went home without being able to visit.

Plum St. Snowballs(near Tulane University) was closed for the season(not sure when they open again), so I went down the street (by referral by the lady whotold me Plum St. Snowballs was closed) to this shop called Queen of the Ball.
Norma who runs the shop was very a Strawberry w cream was awesome, but warning your mouth will bleed artificial red until youget back to rinse and brush...

Beignets and Cafe Au lait at Cafe Du Monde - they also have a satellite location in the Riverwalk...there is a also a nice little cafe in that shopping areacalled Creole Delicacies - homemade taste - I had their lunch specials twice - red beans and rice/Cajun Pork Roast one day and "Slap Ya Mama" BakedChicken and the sweet tea is great!
Here is a link to their menu - Cajun Cafe Menu (3).pdf

They also offer cooking classes and the store for cooking is the main storefront.
also try Cafe Beignet on Royal - I liked their cajun hashbrowns
I couldn't get to Domelise for PoBoys due to time contraints but I went to Johnny's Po Boys on Saint Louis St. in the French Quarter and the ham andcheese was awesome(that's just my favorite sandwich anywhere - I really should have tried the Crab or Shrimp - next time).
also don't take the cab, I only took it once on the last day bc I was pressed for time, but the Haitian dood didn't even know where plum st(nearTulane) was..he also took his time with the route going the long route..letting people turn and pass just to run up the fare .
Just take the RTA streetcar - it's only 1.25 until you get off of the car.

BCS Bowl was awesome..first time in the Superdome...I was pulling for LSU but really have no allegiances to college football - can't really say too muchfor the lowly Terrapins of UMDCP or Cal St Long Beach nonexistent football program. Might just start rooting for LSU.
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