Any spots in Sacramento?

Feb 4, 2006
Yo NT.

Well I was thinking of going down to Sac soon and I was wondering if there are any clothing or sneaker spots down there. All help will be greatly appreciated.
10 deep, crooks, lrg, lemar and dauley, kilo goods, and your normal rap @#%$ like ecko, sean john, rocawear.

IKON- freshjive, UP, Hundreds, they has diamond for a minute havent scene it there though for awhile, nice denim

PLA has a combination of both stores

FTC diamond, mighty healthy, dgk, etc
Team David Stern is an IDIOT
yuba duba has 1 thing going for it. its close to sac for shopping and close to chico for massive binge drinking, other than that, nothing
Team David Stern is an IDIOT
I think the only spot in Yuba City is a FootLocker. Other than that, i cant even call it. Even the FL aint special.
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