Any spots in the San Luis Obispo area?

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I'm flying out there tomorrow morning and I got some money to spend. Are there any places in the San Luis Obispo area aside from the regular footlocker type places (i.e. boutiques, GOOD outlets, etc.)??
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SLO doesn't have crap...maybe Urban Outfitters? or Ross? or the Marshalls in Arroyo Grande? screw the shoe hunt and hit up Morro Bay :smile:
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Avila Beach> Pismo Beach> Morro Bay but like stated above SLO doesn't have any really decent sneaker places. Just go downtown though. It has a decent downtown shopping area for being a small town. Lots of smaller boutiques and lots of bigger names too. If you walk up and down Marsh you'll more than likely find a thing or two. Parking sucks so don't waste your time trying to find street parking. Just find a parking garage. Good Luck on your hunt, Hope you have fun :smile:
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funny, last times i went to SLO, I just park off Higuera near the Mission, plenty of parking...but then this wasn't at night though. Pismo Beach was nice...sister lived in Shell for a year a few blocks down from the beach front. Morro's pretty overpriced as far as housing is concerned.
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there are the pismo outlets but they are very weak...there are a good deal of stores, but there all mostly mom and pops store, there really insnt anything else???
so why are you going to SLO just visting some one at Cal Poly, the whole town is supported by students so thats it....unless u want to see a bubble gum wall. the most accition the town gets is on thursday night when they have farmers maket......there is good bars but who knows i live here and dont like it there isnt anything to do......but thats just probably tired of it all.......i need to get out....
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