any spots to cop wallabees for a decent price?

Feb 20, 2006
i mean under $200?

looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
Holy crap IDK they even went higher than that... I'd love to grab some desert chukka Wallies.. the crepe sole is serious.
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ipath wallabees (cats is the model) are way cheaper and just as good looking
no way, ipath cats dont compare to real wallys in any way

get ouside on queen sells wallabees i dont know how much they are though
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FS: black pack dunks 10.5, VNDS snakeskin delta forces sz 11​
Yeah I saw em on display but didn't bother to check the price.

Real wallys > anything

Iversons look like Jordans but are cheaper, let's go cop those?​

dang $200 for wallabees? arent they like $150 at some stores at eatons center?
WTB: Retro Jordan Fire Red III sz 12, will trade for DS XVIII lows black/chrome 12.5 w/ OG box and towel
i dunno if get outside ever has sales, but u can wait for a deal

u can try haggling with some of the shops on yonge st. as well
get outside sells highs for 159.99 and the lows for 149.99. i got mine in nyc for 110US btw
Thanks for the suggestions....soft moc has wallabees? I thought they just had regular clarks....anyways, i'll have to look around or just wait till i go to the States, they're $110 there, might be worthit. Shoulda bought these joints i saw in Philly last summer, SMH.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
I bought a pair of brown low wallabees back in '97 at Dixie Value Mall. They were on sale for 90 bucks. But mind you, this was 10 years ago. Does that mall still even exist? If it does, you could check there.

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^i would refrain from going to that gypsy market
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