Any1 else going to popsicle?

Mar 30, 2009
just curious because i have no idea where to buy tickets and help from my bay dudes?
I don't really know too much about it...all I heard was that +#%! was like $100+...
my friends keep urging me to go, but it's way too expensive. is it worth it? i wouldnt roll, but i don't mind being drunk haha
ive been so tempted, im still mad i passed last year
tix were at $75 last i heard.
I'm going! I went last year and it was really fun. If you need tickets, my friend is selling some for 80.
really, if your going expect tickets to be 100+

if your really down, me and my boy are gonna enter the back way or just pay the security guard like $20 or smoke him out

raves are really baby stuff...i mean the only reason i go is for the music and females..

but bead bracelets and lights give a big #@* stoneface if i wasnt using quick reply.
I might go this year if I can get my homegirl to go with me cus I got hella pillys that are hitters im trying to unload plus I haventbeen to a rave in a coo minute.
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