ANY1 Have INFO On Kegs?. . . . .(SanJOse)

Jul 20, 2006
wasup...last min idea to check here but if any NT'er on here has info on kegs in the south bay area..(s.clara, san jose, surrounding) can sumbody help a patna out...

Jus lookin for prices of full or pony kegs n the name of the store...aite thanks for any help . ..
bevmo and bigger liquor stores have them. just call ahead of time and see what kegs they currently have in stock.

if you get the cheapest beer, (natty ice, pabst, etc) it'll cost around $60-$70 for just the beer..for our bigger parties and get togethers, we usually get coors light or something, that usually runs for $85..heniken/corona will be at least $120

but yeahh.. you'll pay a deposit of like $50 on the keg, and another deposit for the tap (if you don't have your own) so you'll pay about another $100 worth of deposits

once you return it, they charge you $5 cleaning fee, and if everything is all good. you'll get back all your deposit money.
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
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