any1 know all da spotz in j-ville florida...

ice man and mr kicks at 103rd, regency, and gateway mall
images fashion in the regency mall- limited realeases.
footaction in the regency mall
athletes foot in normandy

get at me on aim if you got it my sn- will x0909x
rap is like cocain if you want some heavy weight Iam yo man crime-mob cruked coke weight the same I cook it up I chop it up I do my thang watch me do my thang -Crime Mob
^ayo i got yahoo
The 81
After pumping your partner from behind 81 times, you throw thwm forward and unto their backs, saying "kobe didnt need no team." You yhen proceed to run around the room aimlessly while ejaculating, yelling KKKKOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEE!
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