Anybody celebrating Easter alone?


Joined Jun 28, 2002
Let's celebrate together!
Just bought some ribs from Highlander for a whole slab for 6.99 and copped some potato salad. And now it's just that, some Rolling Rock and pandora. 

I never really celebrate easter, but I figured since everybody else is having family fun (no family for me within 2000 miles) I'll chill by myself.

Usually I don't mind celebrating or chilling by myself. This time it's kind of weird though because I'm actually moving to Chicago tomorrow...

Joined Oct 7, 2008
Im alone, my boyfriends at work and I am too lazy to go back home to Queens ( He lives in Jersey ) So I decided to just chill out here.
Joined Mar 19, 2006
some would consider folks like myself heathens so excuse my ignorance, but as an adult, how would you celebrate easter?
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