Anybody drink 5 hour energy?

Feb 6, 2009
is this stuff bad for you if you drink it a few times a week?

does it really give you energy or does it just keep you awake but in a zombie-like state?
No stronger than a regular sized Monster. I usually go for a reg sized rockstar/monster when I need a boost, that + coffee didn't cut it one day (longshift) : so I got a 5hour.. No help. Redline is the REAL upgrade. Whether your up and energetic or up and zombie-%*! all depends on your tolerance associatedwith caffiene.
I had it once & it just made me feel normal like I had enough sleep. My heart wasn't beating too fast or anything.
These are the only things that work for me honestly. It just helps my eyes not feel tired which lets me stay up way longer.
I just drank half of the 5 hour energy for the first time, and it just feels like i have 8+ hours of sleep, pretty awesome i guess. but it says if i want fulleffect, drink the whole bottle
How many 5 hour energy threads are there out there

Just search and bump
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if you wanna be geeked as hell drink a redline.

its straight syrup

but I only drank half of one, & I was good to drive from like 5 PM to 10 PM no with no sleep the night before.
drank the other half & hit a party, i was good/wired.
I drink it every once in a while when I need to wake up for my clinical days at the hospital. I usually don't get enough sleep, about 4 hours, and so I goto the gas station or my local Walgreens and pick up a 5-Hour Energy Drink. I'd imagine it's bad for you, but I still get one once in a while. Idon't try to get it whenever I can. I think that's too much.
i drank it once for an 8 hour shift at work. i felt like i had missed no sleep at all. once it wore off there was a HUGE difference.
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Hmm... what is Redline?
it's like some energy syrup. hella warnings on the bottle and everything. you are supposed to drink half a bottle at a time but i just saideff it and downed it. you are supposed to use it when you work out but my school sells it in the cafeteria.
What store sells those? I never see those at Walgreens or the gas station... or maybe I just never noticed them.
i don't know where to find them. some gas stations here sell them and so does my school GNC might carry it. lurkin 2 long could tell you.

cocaine tastes like $@!. some gas stations in the hood still carry the stuff around me.
I drank 2 spikes once..put me on another level. lol. Theres a slight crash but it really works. Just take one tho.
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