Anybody else a Game fan?

was a big game fan during the gunit & gunot eras. he got worse steadily after doctors advocate, though LAX was solid and Jesus peace is not bad. Still listen to the documentary, doctorsadvocate, gunot, stop snitching stop lying, etc.
Documentary and Dr. Advocate are still in my music rotation. I didn't feel LAX or the Red Album to much. Jesus Piece is cool. I think the issue people have with game is he seems to lazy in the booth so often. Let's take Jesus Piece. The track at the end "Freedom" is fire. Crazy beat , great lyrics, but then he also gives you "I remember" with Young Jeezy. When Game wants to be he can write some really dope lyrics, problem is getting him to focus.That 300 bars freestyle though is still crazy like 7 years later.
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Game has a real consistent discography... Been messing with his music for a minute. The Documentary will always be a great album :smokin
I've always been a fan of game as a rapper but as a person he's done so much lame stuff with that flip flopping he's done.
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been a fan since I first heard "from brooklyn 2 compton" on a whoo kid tape in like 03 but I fell back after the stop snitchin, stop lyin
He was my favorite rapper back in the gap, even more so when he got kicked out the unit.

These days he's hit or miss but that Purp & Patron tape is highly slept on, he should've shot a video or two for it.
Game in my top ten rappers. dude Has to much passion at times. I remember when Micheal died he was the first person to put a song out for Mike. Game was calling everyone to hop on the track but Chris Brown and few others I think got on it. Plus I like the name dropping.
Been a fan since gunit days. Out of released albums Documentary is his best work with Jesus piece right behind it IMO. But his g unit whoo kid underground stuff is crazy good. Then there's 300 bars 16 minutes of killing everybody. The game is one of the best rappers around to me. Rap is filled with a lot of trash these days it's good to hear lyrics that mean something.
the two songs that made me a Game fan, dude is a lyrical beast. it's crazy how he went at Jay-Z multiple times and he never sent out a full diss track to him.
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