Anybody ever seen Restrepo?

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Just Finished watching this on Nextflix....and 
.....makes me want to go to battle...serve my country 
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I liked it. It wasn't jam packed with battle scenes, but that's good since it was real life.

I shed a tear like 5 mins after it ended out of nowhere like isthisrealife?

I don't do army though. I don't care if my country needs help. I don't agree with resorting to violence to fix countries' "problems" when the country you live in and the rest of the world is dog eat dog in itself.

Flame velour suit on. Ein ein ein ein take that.
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if anything it should make you NOT want to go to battle. The unit in Restrepo was fighting over useless territory and its not the first time the army has done this in afghanistan. besides, the last time there was a war worth fighting for was WW2. period. everything else was BS.

anyways, it was a pretty good doc. very informative. (sidenote: guy who made Restrepo was killed by RPG a few months ago i believe)
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So you want to get into multiple firefights on a daily basis defending some ramshackle outpost?? good luck with that

Real good documentary though... I'd recommend Armadillo to anyone who dug Restrepo. About some scandanavian soldiers in a similar situation.


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This was a great doc but should show to those watching the heavy price that war carries. It should also be noted the Pulizter prize winning director Tim Hetherington also paid that price while on another assignment earlier this year...He did amazing work... RIP Tim Hetherington...
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it was a good unit was there two years after 173rd was....and this is how small the "army world" of the LTs. from Restrepo is now my Company Commander....

but this shouldn't make you wanna go serve your can serve your country many ways and not go to war brother....go volunteer at the VA....or the USO....

everybody thinks they wanna be rambo after they see a movie or go shoot a gun or two....big difference when someone is actually firing back and it's pretty accurate....

please really think about it...

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Very good documentary.

There is no way I'm going to war. Those guys were fighting and dying over nothing.

They will never be the same mentally and you can tell just by listening and looking at them.
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Yo DuBsTyleDj. Not here to deabte whether war is right or wwrong or how messed up or not messed up our country is. Thanks for serving dude. Really thank you.
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best war documentary I've ever seen. hopefully the closest ill ever come to getting shot at.

that part when he's moving the M-19 (i think) in the bunker talking to a buddy over the radio about where hes from...

guy1: "so you have a ranch?
guy2: "yup"
guy1: "what do you do on it?"
guy2: "i dont know, its a big piece of land and we can kill stuff on it"
guy1: "oh, you mean like where we are right now."
guy2: *chuckles* "yea i guess"

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Great documentary. Shows how people have been effected by the war. Thanks to all those that have served.
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Very good documentary..

I wonder why those afghans got orange/red hair and beard? is that how they can tell who's the insurgents and who's not?
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saw it earlier this summer it was sick, real close view of at what they must be going through over there
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raffstyleXX wrote:[hr][/hr]Very good documentary..

I wonder why those afghans got orange/red hair and beard? is that how they can tell who's the insurgents and who's not?
hahahah that's funny...
we asked all the terps when we were there and we never got a straight answer...

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I think the dye is because it was said that Muhammed dyed his hair with henna in times of war in an attempt to disguise himself in the sand. 
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