Anybody feel like Nike is running out of ideas?

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Specifically talking about Nike basketball. Every shoe that comes out looks the same year after year. All the KD's, Kyries, even James Harden's shoes all look generic. The only thing saving it is the good ol swoosh, but I still don't believe that warrants the $140+ price tag. The last sig shoe I bought was the Kobe V which is my favorite so far. The only ones I sort of think separate themselves from the crowd is the Lebron line. His shoes look like the designers actually somewhat gave a #$*& about being creative.

Basically design is downhill while prices ^. Yeah no thanks man. But like what most cats say, buy what you like.


I wouldn't take these for free srs.

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Didn't three of their footwear designers recently leave, or something to that effect? It was something about not getting paid the way they felt they should have, but correct me if I am wrong. I am sure that if Nike isn't paying these guys right, many of them will simply put out wack effort on shoes, as I know that I wouldn't put out my best for a company that does not respect me. I think that may be the problem.
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Nike as a whole hell naw i cant eem keep.up.

But i do agree witj bball.

It seems like these days they are more focused on technology than design. Like theyre playing it safe design wise.

some of the best/craziest designs....foamposite...gloves...zoom flight...etc were almost 20 years ago.
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