Anybody get Boondock Saints 2 today?

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I just got done watching this and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  There were some parts where I thought they were trying to be too funny, like w/ the detectives, but I think that Agent Eunice did a good job replacing Agent Smecker and that Romeo was a good replacement for the Funny Man.  Usually sequels suck but I think this did the first one justice.
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glad you enjoyed it.
i personally thought it was the 2nd worst if not worst movie i have ever seen.
i really thought it was horrible.

dexters wife tho is smoking.
the first one was so hard and this was so lame lol.
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It is worth watching. I thought it was the *@%! in theaters. I could have done without the Mexican dude, and that FBI agents horribly phony southern accent. But all in all it was a good sequel to the first.

First is definitely better though.
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