anybody here from Jacksonville, FL? Duval.....where ya at?

May 1, 2005
i'm trying to find some people here in the city.

i know if you've been to most of the releases then you already know who i am. hit me up.....let's try to get some people together for future releases.

oh yeah....i LOVE camping out lol
You already know, peep the sig, Duval all day!! :pimp:
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"From the bottom of tha DUVAL,
Cakalacky to New York.." -T.I.​
Oh yea its nothing, you can rock the sig too if you want. the member number thing is played out, I just put that in because I made the sig.

I'm on the westside of the city tho.

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"From the bottom of tha DUVAL,
Cakalacky to New York.." -T.I.​
as soon as i get a chance i'm doing it.

i KNOW there's gotta be more nt'ers out there from 904 right?
i stay in georgia but come back to my hometown a lot still
aint been to a release down there in a minute tho...olive 5s was the last joint i went to over at regency
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I am from Duval County Andrew Jackson class of 89 but I am in the Army right 17 years and 7 months also at 20. I have about 177 pairs of Jordans I will be J'ville in July. Hit me up Oh by the way I am in Oklahoma City right now recruiting
iam from jacksonville. if you go to the regency on the limited realeases i probably seen you.
REPPIN 904 Jacksonville FL
Duval County wuz up SouthSide, im in arlington but i from Emerson. wuz up brooker road, emerson arms, callahan (the street), brester, pine forrest
I'm from Duval also Northside Dunn Ave to be exact.
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