anybody here go to ucf?

Jul 1, 2005
i was thinking about transferring there and i wanted to know your opinion on it? hows the area? what would rent be like for an apartment there?
thanks for the help
My sister goes there. She lives on the on campus apartments (not dorm). She pays 700 dollars a month to share a apartment with 4 people and have share 1 bathroom with a person. But its on campus.
get at me if you need an apartment or rental anything near UCF campus, I do real estate in the CFL area...
I go there. I personally don't know about real estate or anything like that over there, cause I'm living at home still. But the school is pretty nice, really big. The area is alright. Most people go to downtown Orlando for nightlife and all that, which isn't too far away.

i just graduated from UCF
area is rapidly growing just like the campus (building new stadium, arena, etc)
not too many good local bars
downtown orlando/citywalk/universal is where the nightlife is usually at
rent isn't bad if you got a roommate
it's better to get a house or something
thanks for the responses everybody, i have made my decision and i will be moving to florida this summer and hopefully attending ucf if i get accepted
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