Anybody Missing Bill Walton??

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Missing Bill Walton
By Kelly Dwyer

There have been suspensions, flagrant 1s, flagrant 2s, plenty of technicals, and a litany of no-calls. The Bulls and Celtics played 42 overtimes, LeBronJames(notes) nearly averaged a point per minute, Kobe Bryant(notes) let Shane Battier(notes) know -- incessantly -- that he couldn't guard him, and MarkCuban shared some insights with a member of Kenyon Martin's(notes) family in a manner most unappealing.
It's been fun, it's been frank, and it's barely half over.
But it's missing something.
The playoffs are missing Bill Walton. The playoffs need Bill Walton. The playoffs just aren't the same without Bill Walton.
He talks endlessly. He pontificates without provocation. His chatter is beyond reason, but often quite reasonable. He is everything that is good and great andwonderful and wacky about this game, and I miss his voice, terribly.
The latest news about Bill is what we'd heard about a year ago. He's at home in San Diego, recovering from some back issues, ready to return to ESPN assoon as his body will let him. Of course, he was ready to jump back to the Trail Blazers, the Clippers, and the Celtics as soon as his body would let him.You're allowed to curse out loud, at this point, dear reader. Understand that I'm doing the same.
Now, you have to take Bill's on-air work with a giant grain of salt. A rock the size of Maurice Lucas, if we're honest. But that's because, as funas this game is and as much as we enjoy reveling in its glory, you still have to entertain yourself. And given the vicissitudes of the game and the downrightboredom that can sometime result from an 18-second pause between the first and second free throw well the sweat is mopped up and Joey Crawford tells theplayers for the seventh time, "on the release," Bill tends to throw things out there to entertain himself.
"The worst entry pass in the history of Western Civilization." That's a popular one.
"Where would the Clippers be without Sean Rooks?" You know the drill.
And, if your sense of humor is on point, his batch of keeping his own mind busy can be awfully entertaining. If you're along for the ride, awesome. And ifyou're not? So it goes. You get the feeling that -- and I'm hardly calling the man indifferent or uncaring -- Bill doesn't mind if you're not.He's been through too damn much to care. And he likely doesn't give a rip what you think about the small picture of a djembe on his home page.
So, yes, it's a tired, well-worn refrain. Get well soon, Bill.
(But, seriously, we mean it this time. Get back behind that mic. The game, as great as it is, isn't the same without you.)
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Can we have him broadcast games live via satellite from his home?

its better that what they have now
Joined Jan 4, 2009
Hes the one person involved with the NBA that I HATE..

SERIOUSLY..Glad i dont have 2 hear his voice.
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he's very entertaining with his crazy comments like "that was the greatest pass in the history of Western civilization"

like someone else said, when him and Snapper would go at it it was classic comedy

I miss him (pause)


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How are people missing him? I dont understand. People hate on John Madden and Joe Morgan for saying the stupidest things on television....yet Walton gets apass and is even praised for doing the same things. Why?

Im so glad I dont have to listen to the diarrhea that leaks out of his mouth every time he opens it.
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nope... stay in AZ nursin that back Bill... not only could he not handle the rigors of the NBA... this (()) cant even handle it n the booth...


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dland24: [hr][/hr] How are people missing him? I dont understand. People hate on John Madden and Joe Morgan for saying the stupidest things on television....yet Walton gets a pass and is even praised for doing the same things. Why?
Why? Because he's not serious, that's why.
JoeMorgan and John Madden are seriously trying to give serious analysis when they say stupid things; Walton is trying to... actually, he's not tryinganything. He's just talking jibberish.

I love it.

Heck yeah I miss him.

Get back behind the mic, you redheaded Deadhead.
Joined Oct 1, 2008
i couldnt stand the guy,on eminute he would be talking crap about a player and when he scored he would instantly change his mind and be on their nuts
Joined Oct 20, 2004
I think some of y'all take Bill too seriously. The man has so many quotables and says the most ridiculous things at times. I miss the dude a lot
. Get well soon Bill!
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