Anybody Selling? *DMP*

May 16, 2006
Hey, Im from Columbia South Carolina, and I looking to buy the DMP, so if anybody is selling a pair in a 9.5, let me know how much, and I will buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im in North Carolina, I can drive to Columbia and meet you in front of Williams Brice Stadium oTodd and Moore or something. It'll have to be after about July 15th though, that's when I get back from vacation.

Are you interested in doing this? You'd also have to add cash for gas because it's 3 and half hours from my house to Gamecock-Land. You could drive to though and meet halfway or something. Maybe meet me in Florence?

Ok Thats Great, Right Now All I have is 350 so by july 15 I have at least 550, and thats cool, I'll give you gas money, and we can meet at TODD & MOORE!!!!!!!! So have you worn them at all? If so its cool, just as long as there a 9.5 and that they come with everything you bought that you bought them with, How old are you Im 17, but I promise I will have the money!!!!!!!
Im 19 years old bro and working full time, after July 15th I will contact you and we'll meet at Todd and Moore.

Send me an email at thanks. My name is Brad.


If youre going to start saying "dont screw me over" blah blah blah, then Im not even going to deal with you man. Youre a newb to NT and I understand this is alot of money, but dont start accusing my "legitness". I KNOW I'm legit and YOU should be the one not wasting my time.

I'll send you pics when I feel like it more closer to Mid-July than now.

Im not accussing you of anything its just that Ive seen alot of fakes and alot of bad sellers, and Im just making sure, I TRUST YOU
this dont hafta go in buy sell forum?
Ronco Knive Set

Oh btw...

avitale8 STAY OUT OF THIS, this is in SouthEastern Forum because we're planning a meetup at the end of July.

This agreement is between Jordanstudent45 and bcfuture. Thank you.

Jordanstudent, still interested in buying the DMP? It's going to probably be sometime soon either next week or the week after. Let me know.

so the deal is off Im assuming? I emailed you for a meetup tomorrow in Columbia and never got a reply. Let me know if you still want the 9.5 DMP.

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