Anybody With a Yahoo Email Address Enter!!

Mar 26, 2005
Does anyone with a yahoo email notice alot of spam/junk mail in there inbox...i noticed this today i've had my email for over 4 year and my last junkmail in the junk mail folder was like 2 months ago and its all coming in through my this happening to anyone? email maybe hacked or something??all replies appreciated
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Yeah, I 've been noticing the build up of spam in my inbox as well. I don't fret over it because I use my gmail account more.
make sure you keep marking it as will go away shortly...these spam guys start new tactics all the time and it takes some time for yahoo to getaround to it...
thats all i whenever i have to put my email down for anything not business/school related i just give them my yahoo account cuz its so full ofjunk...
yes, i've definitely noticed. I was thinking that some site sold my address.
that's my business email too.
select hte message and hit the spam button seen below, it will eventually learn and not allow it to come into your inbox
i've had the same yahoo email account for about 14 or so years, and i got 0 spam. and that is how i have weeded it out of my inbox when it used to come in.
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